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DART_VA – beyond copying reality

As long as established formats of live communication fall short at a time of social distancing, it will be necessary for us to use alternative ways to present brand messages and content, products and services in the best possible way.

The new DART_VA – Virtual Application – is a powerful tool for making your company into an emotional experience. A new interface for brands, products and people, with which you can address your customers directly and inspire them for your subject matter.


Immersive brand space – virtual meeting place

Our concepts compress brand messages into a variety of levels of experience. The DART_VA combines storytelling with a digital brand space to create a virtual sphere which visitors are able to explore independently.

The ready-to-use technology makes the application quick and easy to use and offers every option for the individual configuration and modular use of live communication with direct response channels.

The DART_VA is more than just a temporary replacement for the current period of restricted human contact. Its design, content and functions can be expanded at any time through updates, and the application offers a variety of options for supporting conventional live formats in the future.

DART_VA at a glance:·      

  • immersive experiences
  • exciting infotainment
  • web-compatible, intuitive user guidance
  • straightforward browser-based application
  • prompt availability
  • complete package of concept, design, implementation and web hosting
  • modular expansion options


Therefore, a new tool is now available with its own characteristics, which has been designed to match the possibilities of the web and has a clear focus: individual storytelling which creates a stimulating brand experience in the virtual world.



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Susanne Neumann



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