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  • ISh 2019

GROHE staged at ISH 2019

"Pure joy of water" - GROHE's claim was to be immediately visible and, above all, perceptible to every visitor when the brand was staged at ISH.

GROHE gives water the emotions that make the element a special experience in everyday life. On a total area of 2,340 square metres, GROHE and the D'art Design Group are working together to transform these feelings into a poetic form for the ISH in Frankfurt, for which the name exhibition stand is inadequate. Visitors are literally immersed in the world of GROHE. 


Exactly this joy becomes visible and above all perceptible for everyone in the staging. The entrance to the GROHE brand world is impressive - visitors enter the hall from a slightly elevated position. There is an almost unobstructed view of large LED walls that convey the leitmotif of water, sometimes concretely, sometimes abstractly. Free-floating, silver spheres provide the perfect reflection surface for what is happening here, attracting the attention of guests from afar.

After passing through the portal, the visitor is presented with the three theme worlds of the brand staging. Based on the GROHEs claim for ISH 2019 "Water. Intelligence. Enjoyment", the theme worlds were immersed in different atmospheres. From pure white and beige to bold blue and elegant black, the presentation was also subdivided into colours. The journey of experience is completed by media displays in the form of ambient sounds and large LED screens.

Carefully graded lighting moods immerse the theme worlds in different atmospheres. They are connected by transit areas in which a combination of digital and organic components such as LED installations, plants and water sounds calm the receptors and prepare them for new stimuli. The movement possibilities deliberately do not follow a given choreography, but rather visitors are intuitively guided their own way through the organic asymmetry of the stand design. With almost every step there is something new to discover. Iconic products set effective accents as lifestyle showcases in trend- and colour-oriented room concepts. Characteristic product features are not only displayed imaginatively - analogue, digital and interactive touchpoints complement and reinforce each other to create concise impressions for all the senses.

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    • GROHE, ISH 2019
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    • Frankfurt am Main
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    • FAIR
    • photography
    • ken schluchtmann / diephotodesigner.de
    • Motion Design
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