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Rearrangement of the area at 11TeamSports’ Berlin flagship store

11TeamSports, the leading online dealer in the football and team sports segment, calls itself the best football shop in the world. In 2016, the D’art Design Group rearranges the area for adidas in the basement of the Berlin flagship store.


The concept for the presentation of adidas sport fashion in the flagship store is clear, cool, focussed and masculine. The spatial structure is orderly, uncluttered and very generous in size, which draws maximum attention from various perspectives to the products presented in clusters and on pedestals. Dark shades in the colour palette of the products dominate the colour scheme. On the walls and pillars, and in the cabins, genuine football flair is provided by portraits of famous sportspeople, black and white shots of stadiums, photos of Berlin football grounds, graffiti, and panels with match schedules. The seating furniture also resembles ball baskets in its shape. The highlight is the “Tattoo your shoe” station, at which you can have your name lasered into your newly acquired adidas sneakers.

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