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New topic worlds for Schüco at BAU 2017

“We know how” – that was this year’s motto of Schüco at BAU 2017 in Munich. Following this claim Dart spatially arranged the company‘s innovation topics in a two-floor exhibition architecture.

Accessible cubes, artfully stacked over two floors, are the basis for the exhibition area. Thanks to the different depth of the spaces there are exciting situations and niches, in which windows, doors, façade elements and sliding doors can be integrated just like in practice. The use of glass, high-end materials, muted colours and clear shapes as well as interactive mediatecture areas create all together a modern and elegant atmosphere. This puristic impression is loosened up by selectively placed bright woods, natural elements like birch trunks and grasses and is comfortably furnished.

Content-wise, the fair appearance is divided into the areas “Work”, “Life”, “Home” as well as comprehensive topic areas like “Intelligent”, “Digital” and “Flexible”. In the studio areas “Work” and “Life”, for example, two room-high LED walls convey the link between real built spaces and virtually enlarged space situations. Together with the integrated façade exhibits, there are flowing transitions of living situations into urban work atmospheres and vice versa. At the heart of the fair stand, the central brand plaza with two welcome desks and a broad staircase with integrated seating to linger and exchange experiences. Via the staircase, visitors can reach the first floor, where seating corners and open areas offer interesting perspectives onto both stand areas.

The double-awarded Schüco brand appearance at BAU has been redesigned for Schüco France at Batimat 2017 in Paris. The corporate architecture has been scaled to a fitting, smaller overall size. The majority of the mediatecture has been integrated, as well.

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