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Objects for an improved post-pandemic life

The new normality is on everyone's lips. But what does it actually look like? We have been discussing life with the pandemic and came up with creative designs that offer an added value for our everyday lives through their form and function.


The spectrum ranges from utopian ideas to pragmatic solutions. And back again. The following examples illustrate this conceptual work.

Distance Cap, Desktop Fan and Distance Glove


The Distance Cap is a playfully overdrawn reminder to keep the right distance. It symbolizes how our clothing can play an important role in staying safe.

The Desktop Fan offers simple and flexible room separation for safe working in the office or on the road. It is lightweight, simple to handle and easy to transport.

The Distance Glove sets an exclamation mark. It is a reminder of how painfully serious the pandemic is. It is intended to ensure that we never forget the rules of distance despite all the habituation. If we don't have to start every conversation with "Please step back", our everyday life is already a little less stressful.

The three objects are very different in their ideas and elaboration, but besides protecting our health they have one important thing in common: Through their design they shall make life with the pandemic a little more lighthearted and promote positive interaction between all of us.

Please also visit our profile on Behance for background information and more visual impressions of our conceptual approach.

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