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  • Mediatecture
  • RWE
  • Nürburgring 2009

Interactive exhibition design for RWE at the Nuerburgring

Discover the advantages of future’s energy playfully: The RWE exhibition design at the Nuerburgring easily conveys complex contents with the help of interactive stations.  


At the Nuerburgring, RWE is present with a brand exhibition on the topic of energy efficiency. The exhibition’s design is marked by a bright net of lights, which abstractly represents the energy supply. Under this sky, visitors can learn a lot about innovative energy subjects like algae technology, biomass or RWE car electricity (Autostrom). Playful participation and testing allow visitors to discover all the complex information in a simple and compact way. 


The info station on RWE’s car electricity (Autostrom), for example, has got integrated racing seats in its exhibition design. Here, visitors find information on this topical subject after activating a film on the RWE car electricity loading station. All topics are acoustically explained through headphones. The question about the future’s cars  is also arranged interactively. An exciting racing game awaits visitors in the test°center. With it, they can playfully discover the advantages of electric vehicles in comparison to gas or fuel driven cars. Here, the start is arranged like in a real Formula 1 race with red lights, and cars are accelerated with a joystick that resembles the accelerator in a car. A quiz representing electricity loading functions offers another possibility to refuel information.

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    • NÜRBURGRING, Germany
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