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Energy Stores for RWE AG

The longstanding cooperation of Dart and RWE bears fruit. The energy store concept has been designed and realised by Dart. About 100 stores have been planned and implemented; the representative energy store in Bitburg reopened in March 2015.

With the brand switch „voRWEg gehen“, the three-dimensional appearance of RWE AG has been redesigned. The so-called energy stores have been initiated in 2010 and Dart realised the plans in several varieties. The scalable shop concept assists the structure of distribution of RWE. From smaller energy points to representative energy stores, Dart stages the brand “voRWEg gehen” and enables employees and customers to spatially experience the brand. As a representative store, the energy store Bitburg offers on 260 square metres and its division in consultation, work and show areas generous space for customers’ as well as resident RWE consultants’ needs. In addition to classic energy consulting, energy topics such as photovoltaic, modern storage technologies or RWE Smart Home can be communicated and discussed via exhibition elements. The different communication areas are embedded in a friendly store design: light wooden floors are combined with white furnishings, selective colour accents and graphic works leaven the light blue RWE brand environment in terms of colour.

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