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Upgrade of the interactive mediatecture for Schüco 2015

The explorative mediatecture created by Dart for Schüco in 2013 will be complemented by new contents and stations in 2015 and will also be used in the long term in the company’s own showroom.


The smart mediatecture elements of D’art Design Gruppe again make use of the joy caused by informative experiences and the fun of learning things in a playful way, in order to convey the broad product portfolio to users in an uncomplicated way. If experienced directly and interactively, gaining new information is at the same time exciting and memorable. The degree of interaction and action possibilities for users offered by the six mediatecture stations has been increased compared to 2013. The technical basis consisting of a user interface and navigation logics, which had already been developed, could be preserved and used again, in order to give the new contents a uniform appearance. The “knowledge archive” of the experts table, for example, was filled with new contents. The new building app is the highlight among the innovations: Thanks to Augmented Reality users can move virtually through a room by means of an iPad or experience additional contents that have been added to the already existing space as an additional level.


Once the Bau 2015 is over, these techniques will find further use. They are added to Schüco’s showroom at the company’s headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany. There, they serve as illustrative B2B and sales tools. Thus, this mediatecture does not only offer real added value for the company’s appearance as a “magazine for and provider of knowledge” in temporary fair architecture, but also for the long-term use with ever new possible contents.

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    • Schüco, Bau 2015 and Showroom
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    • LUKAS PALIK Fotografie
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