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  • Möbelbörse 2017

From Old to New: Fresh Look for EDG Möbelbörse

Who if not a disposal contractor can authentically cater to the trend of sustainability and the wish for individuality? The EDG gives its newly opened Möbelbörse (secondhand furniture market) a modern look with the help of D’art Design Gruppe.

Where a flat roof and location within an industrial area seem rather unspectacular from the outside, the visitor is being positively surprised by an industrial design look and striking graphics within the building. Visually broken up by fresh, vibrant accents in yellow and light concrete grey the sales area is being divided up into rooms by flexible, dark grey metal wall and shelf elements. Here, the recycled products are arranged and staged with decorative objects on pedestals made of euro-pallets. A long, wooden table with recesses in the middle for information material creates space for meetings or invites customers by providing paper and pencil to do their interior planning on-site. An attached makerspace for do-it-yourself courses completes the offered services.

    • Project
    • EDG, Möbelbörse 2017
    • Location
    • Dortmund
    • Category
    • Shop
    • graphic concept
    • wiehl,co.
    • Photography
    • Roland Baege
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