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The Fascination of Images: Panasonic at Photokina 2016

For Photokina 2016, D’art Design Gruppe turns Panasonic’s corporate architecture into a brand gallery: Here, internationally renowned star photographers present their works as Panasonic’s ambassadors with the newest innovations of the Japanese electronics group.

Panasonic impressively documents its enthusiasm for the medium photography and moving pictures at the Photokina. The corporate architecture that  offers a high-quality and uniform design frame for the exhibited Panasonic products and was developed by Dart for all national leading trade fairs contributes to this impression. The architecture communicates from the brand to the product: Here, the experienced expert visitors can discover Panasonic’s image world in all its depth and with all its details.
The large frames are used as gallery walls at the Photokina, which respectively put an individual product or product topic into the context of real image projects. Presented on steles or in glass displays, the products function as exhibition objects. Expressive photos and emotional images worlds by star photographers or artists on the gallery’s walls generate the creative, professional and fascinating context for Panasonic’s imaging products.

Fair visitors can feel like star photographers thanks to the central arrangement with its own photo stage. Selected cameras or objectives can be tested single-handedly:  Female models swing above the stage with a South Pacific scenery and make up the perfect motive for all photography fans.

„Mit unserem Auftritt auf der Photokina konnten wir einen weiteren starken Markenauftritt realisieren und uns als professioneller Photohersteller präsentieren. Das Design unseres diesjährigen Standes geht perfekt auf unser neues Erscheinungsbild ein und stellt damit ein nahtloses Bindeglied zwischen unseren Messeauftritten auf Corporate Messen und Leitmessen dar. Hier zahlt sich unsere kontinuierliche Zusammenarbeit mit Dart aus, die sich nicht nur auf die Projektarbeit beschränkt, sondern die produktübergreifende Markenpräsentation mit einschließt.“
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