Mobile Future

  • Exhibition
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Design Gallery MOVE 2018

Telekom Design Gallery showcases mobility in the smart city

How are we going to move through the city of tomorrow? The Telekom Design Gallery takes a fascinating look at the mobile future within the new area MOVE designed by Dart. As prototypes the interconnected exhibits create a vision of future urban life, shaped by digitisation.


Everything becomes a screen, whether house walls or windows. Whoever comes near automatically gets information on the best route to the destination, the remaining time until the next meeting or city news. Information boards become interactive advisers, the bench at the bus stop plays the favourite music of the person waiting. The means of transportation greets its passengers by their name and individually regulates e.b. temperature, lighting and medial choices.


From “Phygital Wall” to “City Hub” and “Digital Signage” to “Motus” – each station reacts to visitors and knows their needs thanks to intelligent technologies. Seamlessly integrated within existing areas of the Telekom Design Gallery, MOVE offers a real experience of future city life in the Smart City.

    • Project
    • Deutsche Telekom, Design Gallery MOVE 2018
    • Location
    • Bonn
    • Category
    • Exhibition
    • Photography
    • Deutsche Telekom AG
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