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All in.

Dart at the EuroShop - a story that spans over 30 years and 10 times a participant. This time around, we packed ourselves into boxes and shipped ourselves to the fair - to be experienced by visitors in an innovative and discovering new way.  


The project makes an unusual impression at first. Between the conventionally designed exhibition stands, a monumental castle of crates stands its ground. They are the common denominator in exhibition stand construction and the secret hero of every exhibition. Yet by the opening day, have become invisible to the guests as they are invariably hidden from the scene.




We have brought them to the big stage. The aesthetics of the raw material and the seemingly random arrangement form a counterpoint to uniform exhibition architecture. In a world where everything has become more and more digital, multimedia and inevitably smooth, DELIVERED delivers a conscious commitment to non-conformism.

Where there are boxes, there is content. The idea is to effectively pack everything that defines us as a design agency, drives us creatively and transport that to the fair; Ideas, special tools, secret ingredients, wit and a little magic. Everything that is Dart.

DELIVERED is also a response to a fundamental question. What do visitors actually want from a trade fair stand? A place that tells a simple story, allows meetings at eye level and encourages real peer to peer communication.

And there is a lot to discover with DELIVERED. At first glance, a large, high-resolution LED, contributes an atmospheric appearance to the stand, similar to that of a digital mirror. Then the crates themselves, many accommodate hidden works by Dart, which materialize in virtual reality. Others contain lovingly arranged, analogue content that reveal short narratives about the life of the agency. 

DELIVERED is also a blueprint for sustainable design. Impressive architecture and expressive design go hand in hand with resource-saving, sustainable work - if you perceive the topic from its beginning. Dart is using EuroShop as a signal, in cooperation with FAMAB: After the trade fair, all crates will be distributed to partner companies, suppliers and cultural institutions for further use.

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