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  • Fair
  • Dart
  • EuroShop 2017

The Moment of Inspiration

The most exciting moment of the creative design processes, the inspiration, is something Dart brings to life under the motto “from scratch” – spatially, cross-medially and interactively. Due to the interaction with mirrors, the visitors themselves become part of the ‘production’ as they move through the space.


Five-metre tall, reflecting surfaces on the outside initially mean that the 228 m² fair stand can only be perceived in the reflection of the surroundings. It is only when the visitors move close to and enter the orchestrated space, that the invisible becomes visible for them. The trade-fair motto appears handwritten as if from nothing on the reflecting outer wall using LED elements arranged behind a semi-transparent reflective foil.

The visitors discover and experience at interactive stations how ideas are generated and develop. Words can be created using 3D letters that can form new ideas with their reflection. The drawings created by visitors on iPads are transmitted live to a massive LED wall and displayed. And thanks to the anamorphic effect, the meaning of the arranged letters on offset-placed mirrored walls cab only be understood when the viewer finds the correct angle to view them from.

In the spatial midpoint is a giant table covered in grey felt that invites the visitors to converse and interact, and, in addition to the flip books on display, offers a haptic highlight.

The table is flanked by an oversized book shelf with an abstracted library. Individual real books document Dart projects and allegorise the rich and varied experiences accumulated by the creative agency: multi-sensual brand experiences that have already become reality through inspiration and the design process. 

    • Project
    • Dart, Euroshop 2017
    • Location
    • Düsseldorf
    • Category
    • Fair
    • Photography
    • Lukas Palik
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