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Shoe Chic and Industrial Charm:
Gabor at the “Gallery SHOES” Premiere

At the start of the new shoe trade show “Gallery SHOES” from 27 to 29 August 2017 in Dusseldorf, the D’art Design Gruppe creates the Gabor appearance. On the entire area of a former industrial hall at the Areal Böhler, the designers unconventionally stage the traditional brand for women's shoes.


In the harsh charm of the “Halle am Wasserturm” – part of the “Contemporary & Urban” zone on the site – the Neuss creatives deliberately integrate a reduced spatial presentation with clean lines and smooth surfaces. White, symmetrically arranged presentation benches allow the shoes to fully unfold their effect, while at the same time giving a clear view of the spectacular hall with its room-high cassette windows and curved ceiling steel beams. This creates an exciting contrast between the distinctively simplified brand space and the historical industrial architecture. An area for Gabor bags and two rows with order tables round out the brand appearance, which is among the most prominent and succinct of the fair.

The first “Gallery SHOES” becomes a laid-back reincarnation of its predecessor, GDS, away from exhibition halls and on an international level. With the fresh look in front of the industrial backdrop of the Areal Böhler, the fashion location Dusseldorf makes for a fascinating new environment for the Gabor Shoes AG, whom Dart as a longtime creative partner helps making a promising premiere appearance.

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