Cool Cubes

  • Fair
  • Grundig
  • Ifa 2015

High-end Brand Architecture by Dart for Grundig at IFA 2015

D’art Design Gruppe re-arranges the cross-media architecture that was developed for Grundig in 2014 for IFA 2015. The cubes that are stacked in the brand space impress with their high-end materials, tangible information and a graphic communication system that can be seen from afar.

A high-end and at the same time modern brand architecture results from the long-standing cooperation between the designers from Neuss and Grundig. The huge cubes are the puristic frame for the products that are, in contrary to the previous year, arranged according to the topics and technological highlights.  Materials like marble, gold, oak wood and stone convey an elegance that is appropriate for our time. A massive graphic communication system leads visitors on their discovery tour through the brand space. Detailed information on the specialized abilities of the devices in combination with photographs and infographics can be found in- and outside the cubic spaces on backlit boards that are up to 5 metres high. Visitors also experience the innovative product features interactively, e.g. when they are testing the hair-dryer with an ion-function. On top of that, there is an hourly show, during which models present the urban look of the Munich fashion label “holyGhost” on the golden-metallic catwalk.

    • Project
    • GRUNDIG, IFA 2015
    • Location
    • BERLIN
    • Category
    • FAIR
    • Photography
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