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Form following office functions

The Schüco Digital Hub is a modern, sustainably renovated office building that integrates New Work principles.


Dart has developed a signage system for orientation in the building and the allocation of office, work and meeting areas. The design language is based on elements from the Schüco product portfolio: Individual outline graphics abstract the profiles of window and façade units and designate rooms according to their function. The minimalist, functional design and clear typography give all surfaces a comprehensible structure and a good overview.

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For the Schüco parking garage, Dart developed an extremely reduced and, precisely for this reason, understandable and clear visitor guidance based on symbols and typographic elements.


The existing architecture, i.e. steel girders, fences, concrete walls and the floors, become the carriers of the signalling elements. A combination of signage and direct application of paint to the ground gives all parking levels and the staircase a systematic, unambiguous assignment, even from a distance.

Long-term cooperation

Schüco and Dart are working together on a comprehensive concept for visitor guidance across the entire Schüco campus. Signalling for offices and the multi-storey car park are the first components of this major project, which is being implemented continuously.

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