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Experience tomorrow today: Schüco at BAU 2019

„Experience Progress“ is Schüco’s motto at BAU 2019 in Munich. And it is precisely this "experience" that is the focus of the staging of Dart. On two levels and a total of around 2400 square metres, visitors can experience first-hand what a world with Schüco could look like in the future. To achieve this, an innovative guidance system has been developed that takes visitors on a very personal journey. Because he alone decides what he wants to learn more about. A total of five 6 metre high LED walls lead across the exhibition and introduce the highlight themes "Home", "Smart Building", "Vertical", "Security", "Digitalisation" and "Acoustics". Discreet background visuals welcome visitors before the messenger familiarises them with the key facts of the subject area. If the guest decides that he wants to give this topic more time and space, the back of the Messenger offers the opportunity to dive deeper into the material. Otherwise, he simply strolls on, like on a relaxed walk.

Two room-high exhibits are used to illustrate the central themes of residential living and vertical. On the one hand, a light installation in combination with mirrored ceiling panels forms an abstract representation of vertical density and urbanity. Hanging gardens, on the other hand, form the contrast in the second installation and, in combination with natural materials, stage a feeling of sustainable living. At this point, visitors can feel emotionally what Schüco products can do and will do in the future.

The upper floor was equipped by Dart with various bar and restaurant zones. Here is enough space for deepening conversations. Spacious balconies and glass fronts ensure that visitors can keep an eye on the key visuals of the exhibition area at all times.

For the fourth time in a row, Dart has succeeded in creating a brand presence for Schüco on multi-layered digital and analogue levels. This time Dart takes visitors on their own individual journey, where they can experience tomorrow today.

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