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When massive, real façade elements, temporary living and working spaces and immaterial digital spaces meet – then there is a convincing brand experience across all dimensions thanks to a skilled fusion of all pieces. Because life, ideas and productivity require space. Space that grows with the future and is able to adapt – to new wishes, needs and effective protection of resources.   

Facing an Urban Future

How will people live in the future? How can cities cope with the mega trend of urbanisation? And if we spend 90% of our time inside buildings – how can we live comfortably and sustainably? All of these questions are pivotal questions for Schüco. Because Schüco creates (living) spaces for a sustainable future from buildings and their façades. With technological know-how, the propensity to absolute precision and high design ambitions. In a passionate team with Schüco and Dart all of this is haptically and directly made tangible for all stakeholders. We have understood what it is all about. 

“With the progressively further developed brand appearance at BAU 2017, Schüco again strengthened its temporary brand and product platform. The extraordinary quality of the fair stand with regard to design standards, product staging, integration of mediatecture and emotional visitor hosting makes for a refreshing new impulse. We are very happy about the extremely positive feedback of our visitors and our employees!”

BAU 2017, André Flinterhoff, Leiter Brand Spaces & Corporate Spaces Schüco

Open for New Dimensions

Something we do not have to talk about anymore at Schüco is doors, windows and building façades. Today, it is more about additional values like design, comfort, safety, sustainability and digitisation. The BAU 2013 was the starting point for a corporate architecture that has since been sensibly developed with target-group and solution orientation: It spatially arranges the company’s innovation topics in a tow-floor exhibition architecture.  Thanks to the different depth of the spaces there are exciting situations and niches, in which windows, doors, façade elements and sliding doors can be integrated just like in practice. The clearly separate, though open and intertwined areas within the coherent master concept with a finely concerted information dose is always topical – as analogue and digital spaces. 

“Arrangement stands for the convincing integration of Schüco’s fields of competence into a scenario of architecture, scenography and language that is as realistic as possible. The basic idea is a haptical and tangible transmission and the direct experience of real exhibits on-site.”  
Guido Mamczur, project leader and managing director Dart  

Consistency in Change. Corporate Architecture.

For years, the exciting and appealing thing about the cooperation with Schüco has been the fact that architecture is already the core topic. From fair design to showroom we design “architecture in architecture” – with an enormous scope of possibilities: from real massive façade elements to the smallest pixel. From temporary living and working spaces and immaterial digital spaces with Augmented Reality applications to expert tables as archives of knowledge. For convincing brand experiences across all dimensions.