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Evolution of the Panasonic Convention 2017 by Dart

This year, with the focus on quality and innovation, the Panasonic brand has presented its latest products to dealers, press and business partners. The Panasonic Convention 2017 was staged once again by the D'art Design Gruppe – and put on a recognizable form language.

In February 2017, Panasonic invited its guests to the six-day trade event as in the previous two years to the Kap Europa at the exhibition grounds in Frankfurt am Main. There, 7,700 m² of event space and 2,400 m² are available for the exhibition, where more than 2,000 trade visitors experienced the product innovations up close. The heart of the exhibition, which was implemented by Dart, were oversized showcases in which the product highlights of the coming season were presented in a focused fashion and were staged emotionally.

With a view to reusability, Dart created a modular design for the showcases, which allows for a multi-year deployment. At the same time, the productions are recreated for each season. In this way, individually combinable and at the same time budget-friendly communication rooms are created. The exhibition design of 2016 was further developed in an evolutionary way and thus formed the foundation for an emotional, functional brand architecture.

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