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D'art Design stages NEC in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Brooklyn, Berlin Mitte: modern offices with a dynamic style raise the much-cited start-up character to a new level for young work. This leitmotif is followed by the staging of the latest office technology from NEC.


Dart presents the theme holistically. First of all, the structure follows sustainable working and is based on the reuse of the open steel grid-system of the past years. Completely new is the interior design concept, which, following the overarching theme of "Applications for Offices", arranges working spaces according to their functionality.


A façade in fair-faced concrete and a diamond-shaped grid with planting give the room its classical architectural reference. Not behind it, but in a structure that is otherwise open in all directions, there are meeting, working and event areas in a mobile arranged zoning, which make technology come alive in its natural application area.


Naturally is also the keyword for the high quality of stay. It is achieved by plants, curtains and felt floors for pleasant acoustics as well as mobile wall elements that break up the spatial structure. They are in fact more room connectors than separators, as they enable the unhindered flow of visitors and arrange them with clear signals.


Dynamics, zeitgeist and life in modern working architecture are perfectly reflected in this brand room, which was awarded the "Best Stand Design Award" of the exhibitor magazine during the trade fair.

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