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Dart Creates Brand Experience with Only Few Products for Electrolux at IFA 2017

The exhibition industry has been in transition for some time. For example, if the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin used to be a pure product show, today it is much more about what makes up the products - and it is important to stage their themes and stories.


We at Dart are already successfully using this storytelling approach with our customers. As a creative partner of Electrolux / AEG for many years, we again designed the IFA appearance of the world's leading home appliance manufacturer and its premium brand in 2017. With significantly fewer products and instead more atmosphere. Dark, warm colours with a focus on a few hero products create a homelike flair and make you forget the hustle and bustle of the fair. Cooking and taste can be experienced through live cooking around selected top stoves. An implied fashion designer studio leads into the world of laundry care.


Contemporary interior design fetches the visitor and he can touch and try it - mixing smoothies, sprinkling water-repellent fibers or testing the latest fragrance creations. The pure brand experience comes first.

    • Project
    • Electrolux, IFA 2017
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    • Berlin
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    • Lukas Palik
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