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Promoting young talent at EuroShop

To support the new generation actively is a requirement which Dart pursues for many years. Therefore we teach at the University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf. And every three years, at EuroShop, the term paper becomes a practical test for the students: With a real trade fair stand, which is made from concept to realization on their own initiative.


"Touch" is the motto for 2020. The students had identified "contact points" as the central concept that connects people with brands and companies at trade fairs. The topic gathers different meanings: connection, identity, networking, individuality, influence, touch - physicaly as well as imaginary.


The aim at EuroShop is to make these moments of touch tangible. Although every guest should be able to leave their own "touch" and continue the design individually.


From the outside, the exhibition stand is veiled - a translucent membrane that lets silhouettes of the visitors shine through on the inside. On opposite sides guests find access. Like in a cocoon, one feels protected, surrounded by peace, an amazing and really touching first moment.


White, blue and violet light create an iridescent atmosphere. In the center a cubic table forms the interaction and communication level. Visitors are invited to get creative on a backlit plate covered with black quartz sand (physically touch). The design process is captured in photos and becomes a growing collection in the floating gallery above the central point of activity. Via smartphone application, visitors can leave a luminous digital and direct message on the translucent wrapping of the stand (imaginary touch).


The process is as important as the result. A simple insight that becomes increasingly clear to students during the months of project work, and which constitutes the real teaching of this very first time. Creativity is the basis on which everything is to be built. But there is so much more to do besides concept and design. Writing and checking offers, press work, communication with stand builders and suppliers, the search for sponsors, in short: the whole day-to-day business.


Getting a feeling for the big picture is the reward for this extraordinary study work. As well as the perception that everybody is a part of something huge. Therefore everyone has a responsibility, an influence – regardless of how big or small it seems to be. Dart is proud to have been involved here as advisors and consultants.

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