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Beauty of a concrete shell

On international construction sites, the building products manufacturer Schöck has become synonymous with thermal insulation, soundproofing and sophisticated reinforcement technology. At BAU - the World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, the company will showcase its innovations and product highlights on 340sqm, covering all aspects of new construction, renovation, digitalization and sustainability.


The spatial concept picks up on the aesthetic look of a concrete shell. As an unmistakable big picture, the orthogonal structures of columns and struts, slabs and frameworks precisely create the environment where Schöck products are used.


The theme and product areas are arranged in the open spaces of the stylized shell. Large-format, backlit photographs of reference buildings thematically identify the specific places of use, such as facade, underground car park, wall & column, staircase and many more. The product islands arranged below show the original product in exhibits and how it is integrated into the shell of the building.

For Schöck components and services, we have developed a digital tool as a compact info terminal. It combines information on technology, specifications, images and video material. Especially smart are the sliders, which impressively compare detailed constructions without/with Schöck components. The multifunctional trade fair tool can be called up on the touchscreens of the product islands or mobile anywhere on the iPad.

An entire city can be explored in the Schöck AR City. Via augmented reality, the versatile application locations of Schöck components in the buildings of Schöck City can be called up.

A separate area is dedicated to CHEKKER, a participation between Schöck and Robotic Eyes. The simple handling of the revolutionary technology, an AI-supported digital assistance system for automated production and quality assurance in precast concrete plants, can be tried out here almost playfully.



After the trade show, elements were integrated in the company's showroom at its headquarters in Baden - Baden. Furthermore, the booth has been designed for multiple use and is fully stored.

See you at next BAU at the latest!

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