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Schöck Group adds motion design to its CD

It is with great inventiveness that Schöck develops innovative building components for the construction industry. So it's no surprise that in 2021, the company will be presenting its new products via a new format: a digital live stream. Named SPEKTRUM 21, Schöck experts will come to their audiences live and interactively to demonstrate their most important future innovations and services.

As part of the content team, we developed an animation concept to stage and display these products. The resulting motion design provides the visual framework within which the live stream and future product films will appear. Simple design elements and principles - playing with shape, color, texture, movement, and perspective - combine to form a dynamic matrix. High-resolution renderings and product visuals spanning all innovation areas appear in sequence - defining a certain rhythm that draws attention to each one's specific messages. 


This is a sustainable addition to Schöck's new corporate design. While it will make its first appearance as part of the live stream there's endless potential for it to add value at live events, product presentations and other touchpoints. The design is such that it conveys factual and technical content in an eye-catching yet digestible form. But it also transmits the emotion and passion behind the brand. This is amplification on all the right levels.

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