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  • Mediatecture
  • Electrolux
  • Eurocucina 2012

Mediatectonic fair design for Electrolux at the Eurocucina 2012

The Electrolux fair design at the Eurocucina 2012 shows a fluent connection between architecure and media. D’art develops a mediatecture with aesthetic and informative effects. 


The Electrolux fair design at the Eurocucina 2012 presents itself with an interlinked depiction of the aesthetic product presentation and a defined transfer of knowledge about the properties and features of the brand-new Inspiration Range. The products are fluently integrated into the architecture and playfully explained via the use of interactive stations. The function of innovative refrigerators, e.g., is presented by transparent screens, the advantages of cooking with the steam oven CombiSteam can experienced via an interactive touchscreen. In the direct vicinity, a long-stretched screen on a wall, which appears to be floating, shows the advantages of soft cooking with softly-flowing moving images. The soft sizzling of steam acoustically accompanies the image worlds in the Electrolux brand space.  

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