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What do all webpage visitors have in common? They want clear messaging accompanied by fast and intuitive navigation. Medicke GmbH's refreshed website has this and more. The full-service provider of facades and roofs now has a new corporate website that acts as a gateway for its various audiences and their specific needs. That's representatives from: industry, architects, investors, applicants, and journalists. It also comes with an intelligent and modular CMS in the backend, which can be quickly and easily populated with great content.


In terms of look and feel, the aim was to design an airy, contemporary website that would draw attention to what makes MEDICKE unique: the ability to turn a client's vision into building perfection. That's why its reference projects – with large-format images and videos – appear in the foreground. The white area around them acting like a stage. With typography and color deliberately fading into the background. But not everything is new: Orange was previously the dominant color on the website and appears again as a sparingly applied accent color for highlight purposes.

As a medium-sized family-run company, Medicke offers a variety of disciplines and career opportunities – all within a familiar work environment. In times of talent shortages, developing the career area was a "must" in terms of the website's conception and roll out. Now, employee close-ups convey intimacy and trust. Which is why for the photo shoot, a separate visual language was exclusively developed defined by a bright, subtle, and natural color scheme. In context, this sits harmoniously alongside the reference images.


Back to the roots! The redesign of the logo was also part of the refresh: Here, the logotype (comprising a word and icon) was reworked based on its original design. The resulting signet includes the foundational lower bar again. Slight adjustments ensure the logo catches the eye, while the Medicke lettering – thanks to its new font – is bolder and clearer than ever.

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