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People, stories and 360° interiors

The new Schüco Homes web platform creates a unique product experience brought to life through a range of different homes and lifestyles. Walk-through 360° interiors and photorealistic stills showcase virtual and interactive windows, doors, and sliding doors in authentic home settings.


Creating inspiring spaces and authentic personas through emotive stories about the different ways that people live – that’s the focus at Schüco Homes. The interiors and narratives are designed carefully down to the last detail, and invite site visitors to ask questions like "Who lives in this space?” and “What’s my own personal style?”

The CGI-generated buildings and living spaces are nearly indistinguishable from real built spaces. Yet unlike physical buildings, they’re available for virtual tours round-the-clock and from the comfort of your home, where you can try out various installation types and surfaces. Technical features like color changing at the click of the mouse and windows and doors that open and close enhance the product experience.

The platform is built for a range of audiences, from private customers, to architects, to housing associations. The site includes 360° tours of both a modern single-family home and an apartment building, as well as a range of products, technical features, target group-specific information, and expert advice.

We’re already planning more types of housing and accompanying stories. Our digital neighborhood will keep expanding with each new building and resident. Schüco Homes sees itself as a growing source of information – and, above all, of personal inspiration.

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