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Ready-to-use film studio

Stream content where it will be seen. Today, more and more brands and companies have their own agile in-house film studios. Take SMA Solar Technology AG – who are broadcasting their new LET'S TALK ENERGY event series live to the world from their own Studio. The best part – the technology is 100% renewable. Endless rows of solar panels stretch to the horizon and futuristic building facades convert solar energy into emission-free electricity. Using renewable energy, SMA Solar Technology AG has already started to pave the way for a climate-friendly, decentralized energy supply that will last for decades into the future.


We designed the new 75 m² SMA Studios: from the very first brainstorming sketch to the final architectural and technical concept and ending with the turnkey implementation itself. As a multipurpose space, the interior offers all manner of functions and can be used in numerous different ways by a wide range of contributors. The result is a ready-to-use film studio that allows artists and creators to bring their content to life all on their own – yet consumes less power than two standard household electrical sockets. 


A modern interior concept designed for technical objectivity defines the setting, which is divided into three zones: a talk corner for quick preparation of content that needs to air right away, a product backdrop area, and a green screen area for maximum flexibility in interview situations. Clear and present positioning of cameras and screens provides orientation, and professional lighting design illuminates the image to perfection. Mobile furnishings allow even more flexibility and efficient use of space.

The multifunctional interior concept is not the only smart feature. For the studio, we designed a central control system that makes all the studio technology – such as cameras, lighting and sound – easy to use via an intuitive interface available on a tablet. For the tech-savvy, in addition to mixing consoles and camera joysticks, there are also numerous features for implementing more complex storyboards. And that’s not all: From product insights, YouTube tech tips, webinars, sales promotions, interviews, moderation, Q&A sessions, to social media clips and image films, this studio has the capacity to seamlessly execute any marketing campaign, sales initiative or seminar. It can even be rented as an event location!

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