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Intense. Specific. Consistent.

Brand experiences should excite the senses. They serve as communication for all receptors, easily comprehensible narratives, convey a feeling of closeness and accessibility. Even with the changed rules the future promises to bring with it, this will remain our goal; with targeted communication concepts, impeccable information infrastructure and individualized way of approaching the different channels and touchpoints.

We are shaping the brand spaces of 2021 – for a sustainable identification with multifunctional concepts and strong realization. And we take it to the next level: Brand spaces are stages for corporate events, sales conferences or in-house fairs and exhibitions. Whether they be analogue, virtual or a combination of the two, your own brand space allows you to shape, design and implement them quickly and safely.


Create Fascination


In 2019, we developed and implemented a unique space and exhibition concept for open spaces in the “Halftime” building in the “adidas World of Sports”. Our services include the object design, the construction of the furniture, the development of a comprehensive user experience, as well as, in cooperation with the adidas team “The Archive”, continuous curation of the changing exhibitions with all analogue and digital contents.

adidas, 3 stripes, an international brand; any questions? From its inception in Herzogenaurach, adidas has experienced its own “big bang”, exploding into an ever-expanding universe. This universe is powered by innovation, technology and functionality, as well as design, fashion and cultural influences from all over the globe, these form the stars on its firmament that capture our imagination. It is this fascinating phenomenon which we have synthesized into a unique space, creating an interactive multimedia experience for the senses.

The peak of human ability, 
technical innovation, passion 
and creativity.

The starting and the finish line. The peak of power and performance, victory and defeat; a narrative as old as time. Athletes from every corner of the globe write their own chapter in the annals of history every day, with adidas right there with them. We work to gather their stories to form a narrative tapestry with a single common element: passion. The heart and soul of the brand made tangible.


Arena: The space is the center of the adidas campus. Employees, visitors and athletes all gather in its open structure.


We have a love for even the smallest detail. Furniture and display cases meeting the same standards as those for museum exhibits. Interactive digital canvasses with our own UX design developed in-house. Large-format artboards, designs for floor prints. Individual objects to lend the motifs a physical presence and pre-eminence in space. We make sure to activate all receptors.

Proof Point


In 2013, we developed the interactive brand exhibition “Global Experience Center” at the Henkel headquarters in Dusseldorf. With us at the helm, the brand architecture, furniture, UX and all analogue and digital contents took shape, and we are still continuously improving and refining the contents and the various interactive elements today.

Powder and liquids – for the untrained eye, laundry and cleaning products are basically interchangeable at first glance. We can show you how technology, chemistry and an innovative spirit can give these products each its own special character. Interactive, informative and mystifyingly simple.

Up close and personal with different scents 
virtual laundry, freshness and 
cleanliness at the tip of your fingers.

The GEC is an active learning center for employees and customers, and its translation of innovation, product benefits and USPs into an interactive experience you can both see and feel make it one of a kind. With its many interactive and laboratory areas, immersive digital archives and working areas and lounges, the center brings the world of laundry and home care to life.


Surprises in store, contrasts and multi-sensor experiences: The past and the future meld into an individual sensory experience of architecture, scenography and language. 
Future Lab


In 2017, we took it upon ourselves to translate Telekom AG’s vision of the future into a spatial experience. As a general contractor, we were responsible for the communication concept, the inner architecture, the construction of the furniture, as well as the curation of all digital and analogue contents.

Research and development are essential for the communications and mobility sectors to be able to recognize trends early and become a driving force in shaping them. The Telekom Design Gallery gives visitors an exciting peek into our future with our new design of the MOVE exhibition area.

How will we move about
through the city of tomorrow?

Our idea: We display an urban environment on a continuously-available screen, which at any given moment provides exactly the information the user needs in order to get from A to B. This creates a customer journey with five steps in total, each giving the user individual possibilities for getting about as well as relevant information about their surroundings.


The Motus area provides an illustration of the future of transport. As soon as a visitor is close enough to the vehicle, a series of animations is activated which make the use of the vehicle as simple as possible.


The Phygital Wall is a concrete wall which, using motion sensors, reacts to the visitors and provides them with individual information, e.g. on the traffic situation. The future of urban navigation is shown through a digital signage system in which various information signs and signs for directions turn to the direction of the user’s chosen destination.

Anyone in the business of creating concepts for communication surely knows that personal exchange often accomplishes more than a thousand words. Let us start the dialogue on the new design, revamp or even the development of extended usage concepts for your brand space. Our specialty lies in concepts which bring brands to life and place them firmly in physical space, creating smart and safe venues for encounters.


Contact us:


Susanne Neumann

Director Customer Relations

+ 49 (0) 21 31.40 30 7 - 35

Footage: Deutsche Telekom, Henkel, Lukas Palik Photographie, Die Photodesigner, D'art Design Gruppe

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