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  • Mediatecture
  • Adidas
  • OBA KAMPAgne 2010

Interactive store design for adidas

The brand initiative “adidas is all in” shows guerrilla actions and flashmobs on the one hand and an interactive store design at the point of sale on the other hand. The key products of the series adizero and Clima Cool are dynamically presented with a mediatectonic display window arrangement.


The point of sale design of the adidas campaign “adidas is all in” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is the biggest brand initiative in the history of adidas. Apart from the event design with flashmobs and guerrilla actions, the objective is to develop a store design for the POS, which interactively presents the key products of adizero and clima cool series. Shop modules, signage systems, highlight presenters and interactive display windows are part of the campaign’s store design. The products’ special features are visualized by the respective design and can be experienced interactively. A media arrangement represents the variegation of the Clima Cool series in the display windows: passersby can bathe the windows in the 15 Clima Cool colour worlds with the help of their smartphones. The dynamics is enhanced when two passersby compete for their favourite colour in a “colour battle”.


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    • Adidas, OBA Campaign 2010
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    • 17 Chosen retail Partners in D/A/C/H
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