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Mediatecture as signage system for Schüco at BAU 2019

For BAU 2019, a media concept was developed that guides visitors through the Schüco brand world on the Innovation Walk.


The six highlight themes "Home", "Smart Building", "Vertical", "Security", "Digitalisation" and "Acoustics" were identified by 6-metre-high LED walls. They serve as visual anchors, convey initial information and serve for targeted movement across the surface. The media content was placed temporally and spatially in such a way that all information can be recorded by the visitor within a 30-minute tour.

Divided into three information units, the LED walls visualize the respective highlight theme. They serve as area markers, convey the highlight themes first in an introductory manner and then in greater depth, and provide the ideal stage for the brand name and Schüco's trade fair claim. 

The on-screen times of the information units are selected in such a way that the visitor receives a unique presentation of all contents within a 30-minute tour. The tour begins with a visit to the cinema, which opens Schüco's product world in real image. The tour ends on the stand area with a walk through the highlight themes.

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