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Panasonic's innovations in the limelight

The Japanese electronics group held its annual product show from February 19 to 21. At Messe Frankfurt's "Kap Europa" congress centre, European dealers were given an insight into the Group's new products. For the sixth time, Dart was commissioned to stage the latest products. A partnership at eye level that will continue in 2019.


Emotionally staged showcases and product lineups are complemented by bilboards, screens arranged in groups. In this way, the well-known concept is continued and further established. The visitor has the direct feeling of moving in a familiar area and can fully immerse himself in the products. This makes the technological innovations a direct experience for every visitor.  


Once again, an unmistakable brand space has been created for Panasonic, making the Panasonic Convention 2019 an intense experience for retail partners, the press and retailers.



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