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Artwork that presents the sporting world as one

Being one with yourself and your sports to compete at the highest level - that’s when an athlete gets into the flow. To celebrate these moments and inspire generations to come is what our exhibition inside the “Halftime” building on the adidas campus is dedicated to. In the gallery, historical sporting triumphs meet state-of-the-art innovation generating a spirit of excitement as they do so. We were engaged to develop concepts and designs for how - over the long term - the showroom might enable employees, partners and visitors to experience and interact with adidas' outstanding creativity and history by creating an inviting atmosphere.


The result is a flexible exhibition system - a type of permanent tribute to the ever-new sports history, in which pioneering sporting and brand-driven moments come to life again. And alongside them - the athletes whose large-scale artistic canvases feature as part of the latest curation. These huge artworks serve to give the space a reinvigorated shape and act as a point of navigation. Whether glanced at from a distance or enjoyed up close, they certainly evoke interest.


The concept's universality is no accident. Instead, it’s a statement towards sustainability and responsible design: All the modules from this temporary exhibition can be used again and again for different event rotations.

The current show is also universal in terms of its focus on content and the design itself. Rather than celebrating a specific sporting event, it presents an all-encompassing perspective on sport in general. Whether outdoor, running, basketball, soccer or boxing, we use the artwork to connect different types of sports and sporting heros with a common visual denominator.



Amateur and top athletes in action: Each authentic snapshot is characterized by the passion evident in every face. Indeed, it's exactly this passion that rounds off the exhibition's theme by demonstrating the interconnection between athletes and adidas across all sports - united by their faith in the mantra "through sports we have the power to change lives".

The endless repertoire of top performances mirrors the role that adidas has played in the sporting arena. Dive into the previous narrative worlds of 50 Superstars Years and 70 years of adidas and get ready for the next metamorphosis which has just got started: Soon the European Championship 2021 will also be celebrated in Herzogenaurach.

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