The first of their kind: GROHE X Motion Trucks

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Why these mobile hybrid spaces are 
the future of brand communication

GROHE X Motion Trucks are coming to town and these mobile hybrid spaces are bringing GROHE's spirit of innovation to the streets of Europe. The trucks set off in March 2022 with a mission: to act as ambassadors for GROHE X's digital experience hub, launched in 2021 – bringing it directly to customers and consumers.

The digital future begins – which given the significant reduction of in-person product exhibitions – is the promise behind the Motion X Trucks concept. Indeed, GROHE's diverse portfolio can be accessed digitally – via touchpoints with constantly updatable VR and AR applications. And inside, visitors can immerse themselves in exciting 360-degree worlds that can also be entered as a group via touchscreen.

The Brand Experience begins outside: Visitors are welcomed with a live stage and a large-format LED wall, which can be customized any number of ways via its own content management system. Captivating visuals and cinematic moods create an atmospheric setting both onsite and for event broadcasts. All common presentation formats including websites can be displayed and additional participants can be connected both digitally and live. All this gives moderators a wide range of intuitive features for presentations with live unboxings, panel talks, “trend lectures” or interviews. For the ultimate in audience engagement – such as 360-degree experiences on stage – branded Google Cardboards can be used.

The trucks are megatrends-on-wheels, designed for site-specific presentations, community experiences and diverse opportunities for inspiration and edutainment – online, offline, and in-between. They represent the best in digital & analog post-pandemic brand communication. And totally hit the mark with target groups that are looking forward to those big reunions.

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