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Pure versatility: one concept, three formats

Modernity demands light, air, and sun in abundance. Since the Bauhaus movement began, a lot has changed from a technological and construction point of view, but one thing remains: and it's that desire to step out beyond the interior. Today's technologies, designs and sustainable solutions make this possible. And Schüco's home solutions blaze the trail. Large-structure sliding units, sophisticated window constructions and high-tech front doors are just some examples of its solutions that ensure maximum transparency and comfort. The absence of any thresholds along the flooring elements allows room and nature to merge. Elegant, ergonomic, and comfortable.


Schüco boasts a portfolio of elements that, where a building's exterior is concerned, all combine with one another for incredible flexibility. And this can now be experienced by visitors in showrooms across Germany. The task was to redesign the former exhibition space in Weißenfels to make it an attractive location for Schüco partners, construction dealers and architects. The surprise highlight: the concept builds on an existing plan intended for the Schüco trade fair stand at the "Fensterbau Frontale 2020” which was cancelled due to the pandemic. The new showroom sustainably integrates exhibits and stand components that have already been built. And – after transforming that trade show concept into a virtual walk-in brand world – a  physical 400 m² version of that space has now been created in Weißenfels (in cooperation with Kohlhaas and Partner.)  




Both new adaptations and repurposed features are evident here. From the physical exhibition stand used virtually, to a hybrid showroom, the mix of anthracite-colored surfaces, warm wood-en tones, gray-white marble and sumptuous planting makes for a coherent architectural impression. Visitors are welcomed to the new showroom via a cozy foyer, where a social media wall provides information on current Schüco topics. The exhibition area comprises themed studios and a prestigious event area with bar. These are joined to one another directly by means of an open transition zone.




Huge lettering is used to impressively mark the various areas. The themed studios, designed to be room-in-room constructions, entice visitors in to discover the Schüco residential housing so-lutions on display within them. In the ARRIVAL, VIEW and PANORAMA areas, current exhibits are on display in their original size. While in the SERVICE area visitors get a comprehensive im-pression of the company's extensive service portfolio. Like passepartouts, the Schüco systems frame the view out to the elaborately staged external landscapes. It is a view free from visual restrictions – with such incredibly narrow profiles they’re easily overlooked.  

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