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Düsseldorf Airport's new trade fair appearance embodies its vision: ‘DESTINATION OF EXCELLENCE’. As the largest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia, it invites visitors into a world that emphasizes its positioning as a leading player in the sector. The communicative design reflects the endeavor to set industry-leading standards and represent a trusted partner for the region.


The stand architecture is deliberately restrained, creating space for an open lounge area. An inviting atmosphere with ample seating encourages visitors to linger and conveys the pleasant serenity of an airport lounge. The focus is placed on graphic elements that reinforce corporate messages. Image boards are used for this purpose, serving as space-defining structures that guide visitors from open, informal areas to private, enclosed rooms. DUS Airport presents itself both as an emotional gateway to the world and as a successful regional business enterprise.

With the launch of the newly developed, interactive content hub, the airport also showcases its capabilities. Visitors can explore various areas beyond the usual passenger zone on a central screen. Among other features, a 3D model enables a virtual tour, allowing visitors to experience the Düsseldorf airport site at the trade fair stand in Berlin. The company's three strategic goals - EXCELLENT AIRPORT, MODEL SUSTAINABILITY, EMPLOYEES AND REGION - and its vision - DESTINATION OF EXCELLENCE - are integral to the content hub, conveying a vivid picture of the airport's development and its crucial role in shaping the future of sustainable travel. Through a mixture of infographics and immersive visuals, corporate content is actively presented, offering clear insights into complex topics.

The successful fusion of corporate presentation and relaxed lounge flair enables recognizable yet varied brand presentations for the upcoming ITB. The flexible room layout and graphic display of the image boards, along with endless expansion options in the digital Content HUB, allow for easy integration of future thematic focal points.

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