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The universally understandable language

Communication design makes everything easier. Shapes, symbols, images and language create systems with clear objectives: to convey information quickly and clearly. Therefore, finding the right individual design is always a challenge.


Creating good communication design is a systematic process. We develop it in the form of information architecture. Strategic planning and creative ideas provide the basis. We use graphic tools to create all the components on which the brand messages and target groups are linked together on a meaningful basis.


Conceptual CI


In 2012, we started our cooperation with the company Turck, which specializes in industrial automation technology. Our services include all the design measures for brand communication: with a new corporate identity and its implementation in all relevant advertising media such as brochures and catalogs, through to the design and construction of trade fair architecture. The relationship between Turck and Dart has grown to this day and is based on continuous discussions surrounding new technologies and consultations on the right marketing strategy.

In 2015, we redesigned the brand image. The new CI sets individual highlights on the basis of reduction and focus. A set of basic graphic elements defines a simple design principle: large surfaces soothe the eye and draw your attention to visual points of focus. Here, the viewer finds the relevant information in text or image form.

Clarity and simplicity of the 
design language

Company color schemes, graphical elements and a straightforward typeface support this design language on the basis of clarity and simplicity. The manual applies this to all the components of the corporate communication and helps to create a coherent overall picture.


Corporate Design in space:Turck booth at the Hannover Fair 2019


After completing the brand relaunch, we transferred the ideas of the corporate design into the available space. For events such as the Hannover Messe, trade fair appearances were created that consistently implement the “focus” principle: capturing attention with clear shapes and colors, as well as precise and transparent information about the brand and products combine to create a target-oriented trade fair experience.


Sign In


We have been working for Schüco, a leading supplier of high-quality window, door and façade systems, since 2012 in various disciplines of communication. For their headquarters in Bielefeld, we succeeded in developing a concept for going from place to place on-site that we implemented in a multi-layered signage system in the different types of buildings.

The concept is initially based on the spatial situation and the use of the various buildings. It creates a clear and continuous system of orientation for employees and visitors, leading to a design that provides overviews and explains the functions in the room.

Schüco Raum Konzept
Typography, graphic symbols and pictograms form a consistent guidance system and accompany visitors from the entrance to the multi-story car park via stairs and elevators to the transition to the next building and their destination. 
Office design with function 

In the office areas, we developed a signage system for the orientation and allocation of office, work and meeting areas. The design language is based on elements from the Schüco product portfolio: individual outline graphics abstract the profiles of window and facade elements. Through minimal, factual design and clear typography, all surfaces gain a comprehensible structure and a good overview.


The art of work


We have been working with adidas for 20 years on various projects, from showrooms through to the design of a stand for the Olympic Games. Since 2019, we have been continuously developing our exhibition concept in the “Halftime” building at the company headquarters in Herzogenaurach. In alternating multimedia exhibitions, significant moments in the history of sport and business become an experience-oriented narrative.

The unifying element of each exhibition is a graphical track that links the different elements of storytelling via digital and analogue media like a continuous thread. It sets the rhythm for the viewer, creates a positive atmosphere, and directs the focus to the part of the story that adidas wants to emphasize.

Design as a dynamic model 
for targeted brand images 

We developed the leitmotif for the “50 years of Superstar” exhibition from the graphic deconstruction of the shoe. The wide laces, serrated logo stripes and the striking toe cap, isolated from each other, demonstrate the power of the original shoe design and how a distinctive product can emerge from functional shapes. We do not invent anything new, but allow the iconic designs to speak for themselves.


Creativity for individuality: whether it’s the rugby world championship, 70 years of adidas or the national team – the artwork determines the viewer’s level of perception. And sheds new light on the brand every time. 
Sustainable Design


We have been developing the brand communication for the waste disposal company Niederrhein since 2006. The company creates order and cleanliness, and we keep its brand image accordingly tidy.

Orderly, friendly and a consistently shining example in terms of its performance: the values of the EGN are the concept of the corporate identity. As the basic color, bright orange attracts attention and classifies the waste management industry at first glance. The industrious ant as a dynamic role model enables visual communication with humor, also on sensitive topics. The clear typography completes the CI with an easily-readable structure for all information.

Corporate design as a mirror
 of corporate values 

The design elements in their entirety reflect the positioning as a reliable, congenial partner for private and business customers. This means that the design alone in corporate communications and in all advertising media makes it clear what the EGN stands for – a model for the importance of sophisticated communication design.

Anyone in the business of creating concepts for communication surely knows that personal exchange often accomplishes more than a thousand words. Let us start the dialogue on the new design, revamp or even the development of extended usage concepts for your brand space. Our specialty lies in concepts which bring brands to life and place them firmly in physical space, creating smart and safe venues for encounters.


Contact us:


Susanne Neumann

Director Customer Relations

+ 49 (0) 21 31.40 30 7 - 35

Photography: Lukas Palik Fotografie, D'art Design Gruppe

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