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In 2021, the first digital GROHE X Hub was created in close cooperation with GROHE and other partners. Packed with informative, inspiring content, visitors have access to the world-famous brand's expert know-how in sanitary fittings. Just under a year later, in March 2022, three GROHE X Motion trucks were launched to bring this state-of-the-art brand experience directly to its customers.


And now the community has been expanded still further with the reopening of the GROHE X Brand & Communication Experience Center in Hemer. The venue has been restructured specially for the purpose. The ensemble consists of two striking buildings, each with their own inner courtyard and surrounded by fields of solar panels.

The main building stands out with its noticeably rounded shape. Visitors are welcomed into a light-flooded foyer with a rotunda. Light shines through the glass dome on the roof and falls directly on the "sphere" installation beneath it. This, in turn, reflects the light at angles around the room creating an impression of size. The interplay, here, of light, surface types and textures makes the area around the rotunda a central focal point. It is both a place to hang out and meet – and all other rooms lead off it.

By uniting this with the showroom, cinema, exhibition space, event location, training center, content production area and work zone, the newly designed customer center is now "physically" part of the GROHE X universe – a milestone for the D'art Design Gruppe.

The new concept includes a multi-functional area with a total of five state-of-the-art studios for training courses, hybrid events and content production facilities for needed by the GROHE X digital experience hub.

On the lower floor, visitors can discover the rich GROHE portfolio in its full glory via augmented and virtual reality applications. The 360° screen experience with VR glasses enables visitors to actively experience the GROHE X platform by opening various pop-ups with product information.

Physically installed taps and fittings are enhanced with AR features making them interactive digital exhibits. By simply scanning the codes, physical products appear digitally on a tablet. Each product can be rotated 360° and enlarged. There's also more product information such as the name and product number.

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