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Multi-layered design for GROHE Professional

As part of the GROHE X Professional Event 2023, GROHE invites various B2B target groups from the plumbing, wholesale, and showroom sectors to an exclusive event in Lisbon. Products from the GROHE Professional portfolio can be experienced in different formats: state-of-the-art VR and AR experiences in the GROHE X Motion Truck; fully functioning training walls for craftsmen in the GROHE GIVE Truck; as well as presentation islands created specifically for the event, which stand out through color and shape.


A pattern of different textures and layers stacked one after another in their respective color world, reminding of studio settings – picture perfect. Each piece is placed to be the fascinating centre of attention from various perspectives. The colors are taken from the current GROHE campaign images, seamlessly integrated into the layered arrangements.

A complete success. GROHE realized this kick-off event with numerous partners. Combined with a factory tour and an evening gala, guests were treated to a comprehensive program that included accommodation and meals. In addition to guided group tours, there were opportunities to have individual consultations and to take advantage of the edutainment programs.

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The first of their kind: GROHE X Motion Trucks
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Virtual virtuoso: GROHE X