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Henkel is designing the future together with its customers. Here's how:

Transparency, open-mindedness and collaboration shape our changing work culture - and the material science industry is no different. No wonder Henkel is dedicating an entire 47,000 square meter new building to exploring this. The Global Center for Adhesive Technologies at the Düsseldorf factory site will become the new home for research, product development and marketing. Starting now, more than 500 experts will work here, hand in hand with partners and customers from all over the world. Their goal? To jointly develop powerful innovations for the future.


To house it all, the architects at RKW+ have built a sophisticated laboratory building. In the "Heavy Labs", in the basement, entire production lines can be set up for presentation and documentation purposes. All the laboratories, test facilities and offices are surrounded completely by glass, allowing maximum visibility. On a total of seven floors, these facilities are clustered around a large atrium with an open staircase. This serves as the heart of the new building, embodying the collaborative working spirit.

It's here that visitors start their journey through the world of Henkel Adhesive Technologies. And it directly translates into our brief: to develop of a cohesive and immersive visitor experience. This involves making ideas and innovations visible and accessible, grabbing visitors' attention, and guiding them through the highly multi-faceted Henkel world. The overall goal is to transport inspiration and know-how - as this forms the basis upon which individual visitors develop custom solutions collaboratively.

The interactive and multi-sensory experience begins in the Infinity Room where a digital presentation highlighting major global issues, trends and new innovations features. The minimalist design coupled with a 270° wraparound screen wall create a focused atmosphere and ensure an immersive impact is created through and digital interaction.



As visitors take their next steps through the building, their first impressions are intensified as they are led through permanent showrooms, to mobile exhibition modules, and finally to actual work areas. Here, transparency means bringing visitors and product development together. And that's what we enable both live and throughout the various laboratories.

Helping guests to prepare for the active role they're soon to play by exposing them to different layers of inspiration and information. Everyone who comes to the Henkel Inspiration Center is there for a specific reason – so most tours are followed by intensive workshop modules. The Guest Experience centers around giving visitors the background knowledge they need to work with others to find answers for themselves.

Incoming light through the glass ceiling together with motion screens installed on elevators create an interplay of light, surface areas and atmosphere in the atrium that's quite unique. 

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