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Originally intended to protect US Army pilots from the glare of the sun and the intense blue of the sky, Ray-Ban Aviators - with their characteristic metal frame and green lenses - are now cult glasses. Available under the Luxottica brand since 1999, the Group has a portfolio that includes several own brands as well as reputed eyewear collections that include Bulgari, Burberry, Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada and Versace.


For Ray Ban | Luxottica we were behind a shop-in-shop concept, hosted by the flagship boutique of Sehen!Wutscher, and with a footprint of just 23 m2. The Styrian optician has just opened their "House of Vision" - Austria's largest optic store which is centrally located in the heart of Vienna’s shopping Mecca in the 6th district.


The technically complex CI manual from Ray Ban | Luxottica served as the basis for research and design of a branded shop display. Striking features include the red bezels in the cross lattice of the wall displays and the furniture in the middle of the room. Both reveal the sophisticated brand world associated with these cult glasses. Together with an impactful media display, a Ray-Ban experience world was created in the smallest of areas. Thanks to the highest of quality benchmarks and a powerful lighting system, the shop fits seamlessly into the luxury department store’s overall architecture.


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