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Future – Oriented

The Brand Experience & Trade Fair Design Annual 2023/24 is the 25th edition of the exceptional yearbook series by avedition publisher. This definitive work for the exhibition design scene focuses on the constant evolution in brand presentation.


Under the motto "Future-Oriented," editor Janina Poesch showcases current examples of the transformation of both temporary and permanent projects, serving as inspiration for sustainable concepts and processes.


We are featured in the current yearbook with three distinct projects.

From XS to XL, analog and virtual, temporary and permanent:


Our own IN BETWEEN agency presentation at the OMR Festival, which orchestrates architecture, personal encounters, and virtual experiences in a minimal space.


The MARTOR World, a multifunctional customer center for the manufacturer of professional cutting tools. Consciously designed in an analog and approachable manner, aligning with the company's lived Customer Proximity.

The poetic Balance of Being brand presentation by Panasonic at the IFA Berlin. A contemporary and sustainable concept that celebrates the art of omission.

DART Jahrbuch 23/24
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