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Knife to meet you!

MARTOR is the global leader in safe and efficient cutting solutions for professionals. With the MARTOR WORLD, a new customer center has been established at the company's headquarters in Solingen. Covering an area of 300 square meters, this space allows customers to experience the brand, receive product training, and engage in meaningful dialogues. The approach deliberately emphasizes an analog and approachable atmosphere.


Customer proximity holds a special significance for MARTOR. The concept draws inspiration from the aesthetics and materials found in the work environments where their safety knives and scissors are utilized – the production floors of industries, logistics, and retail. Concrete flooring and exposed building technology, a transparent curtain made of industrial curtains, fluorescent tubes, grid tables, workbenches, and storage shelves all evoke the customer's world, seamlessly transitioning into the showroom design.

Brand Space

The visit commences in the Brand Space. Floor-to-ceiling frames, known as Material Art Boards, showcase the cutting materials for which MARTOR knives are designed: cardboard, film, adhesive tape, strapping bands, felt, and foam are elevated to art forms here. As visitors approach, sound showers emit the distinctive sound of each cutting action, creating a multisensory experience.

Opposite this, a strikingly large cyan-colored wall known as the Wall of Fame highlights the MARTOR product portfolio, centered around the new tagline "THE SAFER WAY TO CUT." The modular wall system is flexible, allowing specific products to be highlighted or new ones to be added as needed.

At the heart of the narrative is a 12-meter-long Brand Value Table. Across three thematic sections – Expertise, Innovation, and Service – the brand, product, and competence are conveyed. The design and communication also rely on analog and physical presentations, such as hand sketches, print materials, tangible ergonomic models, and specialized blades encased in acrylic blocks. The collage-like arrangement of exhibits on the grid table enables future updates.

A large projection area, the Digital Window, at the end of the impressive table provides a glimpse behind the showroom's walls. Through aesthetically pleasing images, the production process of the products is showcased – from the initial idea to the ready-to-ship product. Additionally, viewers gain insight into the modern workflow and collaborative corporate culture of the company.

Training, Trend, and Lounge Areas

The Brand and Training areas are connected through the Trend section. Here, rotating exhibitions address various industry-relevant trends. Currently, MARTOR is presenting its solutions related to the overarching theme of "Sustainability."

The subsequent Training area also captures the workshop ambiance tailored to the target audience. Specially designed workstations and material storage, along with integrated media technology, enable the communication of theoretical background knowledge and hands-on training. The flexible setup accommodates diverse uses, including individual and team training, lectures, webinars, and seating for larger groups. 

An adjacent open Lounge area, designed for casual dialogue in a pleasant atmosphere, rounds off the visit to the MARTOR WORLD.

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