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Innovation to go

What if an entire trade show booth could fit into one box? That's the idea behind Schöck Unboxed: a bespoke mobile display unit. Created to compensate for cancelled trade fairs by providing a safe way to bring people and brand together, the unit is designed to showcase the most recent product innovations.


It also includes a 40-foot side door container which can be set up like a solitar in an open area. “Unboxed” acts as a temporary exhibition for Sconnex® - the world leaders in energy saving innovation with whom Schöck recently collaborated on its major thermal bridge for building walls and columns. By opening two side wings, the box can be transformed into a stage-like showcase. The Sconnex® product family includes three models that are showcased. This is done through exhibits and floor-to-ceiling illuminated graphics. With a media terminal additionally displaying presentations and image films.


To round off the visitor experience, the box can be expanded to include additional mobile elements. In keeping with the industrial look of the overall concept, roll-in racks serve as information transporters. Modules, such as packaging crates that have been repurposed into bar tables, allow regional food trucks to dock on to the booth. At Halle an der Saale - the box’s first destination - visitors have already enjoyed the local cult snack “Don't worry be curry.”

This is a concept that has both sustainability and adaptability at its core. In the future, the container will move locations and will even be used for conferences. The flexible concept also has an equally as flexible campaign slogan: “Schöck Unboxed” can easily be adapted to fit another product or event.

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